Monday, October 11, 2010

More Skulls Than You Can Shake A Fist At

It's been way too long since I've been able to get a post up and the skulls have been piling up. I'm completely out of money to buy more skull things yet I can't pass them up. I'm thinking of selling a kidney or something to scrape up some dough.

Grandin Road has the swankiest Halloween Skulls. The skull window panel is to die for and the skull tablecloth and pillows are fabulous.

Damask Skull Window Panel - $22.00
Damask Skull Window Panel
Close Up:
Damask Skull Window Panel

Gothic Skull Table Toppers - $49.00Gothic Skull Table Cloth

Gothic Skull Throw Pillows - $24.00Gothic Skull Throw Pillows

Even Kohl's is getting in on the skull action with some nice tableware and kitchen towels.

Flocked Skull & Crossbones Table Runner - $29.99Flocked Skull Table Runner

Skull & Crossbones Flocked Placemats - $6.99 Skull Flocked Placemats

Skull & Crossbones Kitchen Towel - $5.99 Skull & Crossbone Kitchen Towel

Some tasty skull chocolate lollipops from Godiva aren't cheap but you know that chocolate is to die for.

3 Skull chocolate Lollipops - $15.00 Godiva 3 Skull chocolate Lollipops

I hate licorice but these are just too cute.

Licorice Skulls from Harry & David - $7.95Licorice Skulls

If you're into baking, Wilton has fantastic skull stuff. The cake pan seems to be sold out in most places so if the 3-D skull cake pan strikes your fancy you probably need to get in on that pretty quick.

Wilton Skulls Baking Cups - $1.99
Wilton Skull Baking cups

Wilton Skull Cupcake Stand - $5.99Wilton Skull Cupcake Stand

Wilton Skull Parasol Pix - $1.99
Wilton Skull Parasol Pix

Wilton Dimensions 3-D Aluminum Skull Pan - Sale $24.49Wilton 3D Skull Cake Pan
Even with just a powdered sugar coating this skull cake is awesome.
Wilton Skull 3D Cake

Tomorrow I head to Macy's where my brother spotted some fancy skull pillows that they don't have on their website. My credit card is ready and what's the problem with a little debt anyway?

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