Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Bacon Stuff

First up, win 3 Jars of J&D’s Baconnaise from
I Hate My Messageboard just by telling them how you’d use the baconnaise. Hurry, the contest closes 11.59 PM CST February 15, 2009!

This Is Why You're Fat probably has some of the greatest culinary concotions I've seen. And some of the scariest. Either way, it's good. And bad. But mostly good.

Finally, I leave you with the The Meat Ship.


  1. I do love meat products, but the meat ship looks more like evidence from Ed Gein's house than something folks should be eating. Unless of course, you happen to be Ed Gein.

  2. weiners, bacon and cholesterol oh my!

  3. And I thought I was being bad a few weeks ago when I had a bacon infused vodka bloody mary in Seattle.
    By the way, I thought about skulls and bacon with every sip.