Friday, May 9, 2008

Sizzlean Commercial Update

YAY! If you remember my post, Bacon Products of Yore Part 2, then you know I've been frantically searching for the old Sizzlean tv commercials. Finally ran across one of them over at Thank you Icky People!


  1. Hello, how sad. This reminds me of when people thought coffee crystals were the only way to make coffee. These folks never heard of bacon

  2. Thanks for the link back to

    You are right, there is very little information online about Sizzlean, which is odd.

    I remember my mom cooking this stuff for me a few times around 1981. I recall watching ESPN's Sportscenter before heading off to school. I honestly can't remember if it was good or nasty.

  3. i miss sizzlean! it was soooo good! bacon without the gristly fat part! o sizzlean! how i love you! morningstar veg bacon is similar in texture...

  4. Sizzlean was so delicious. My father and I was just reminiscing about it. I wonder if the sizzlean would return. I am surprise I can't find quality information online. I do know that Hormel created it. I think I am going to write them asking them why they discontinued it.

    Tobyhanna, PA

  5. Sizzlean is my favorite breakfast food. I could see the writing on the wall when it started to disappear from most store shelves in the mid-90's. (I know in many regions, it had vanished long before that or was never available.) I went out of my way to find it for years, but they seem to have stopped making it around 2006 or so. The ownership seemed to shift over the years, I think ConAgra was the owner during the early 2000's. They sold many of their meat brands to Smithfield under the name Swift & Co., which suggests that is anyone owns the right to Sizzlean now, it would be Smithfield, since it was originally called "Swift Premium Sizzlean." Of course, if it was discontinued before the sale, it may just be an "orphan" brand in limbo. I would really like to see Sizzlean come back, regular turkey bacon (from which Sizzlean was 60% or more made up of) has a similar consistency but not nearly as juicy and flavorful. Gotta have that 30-some-odd percent pork or beef in there!