Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The United States of Skulls & Bacon

United States of Bacon

Destination America  channel has a new show that is all bacon, all the time. Chef Todd Fisher takes viewers on a bacony trip around the country with the “United States of Bacon.”

The show premiered Dec. 30th and if you missed it you can still catch it in re-runs. On my cable provider, Optimum, Destination America is on channel 172. You can use the channel finder on the website to find it in your area.  

I am very excited about this show because, other than the obvious, my little old Skulls & Bacon logo will be making a brief appearance in the upcoming episode!

Airing on Jan 6th, a t-shirt incorporating the Skulls&Bacon logo is given away as a prize during a bacon trivia contest at the Diesel Filling Station, in Atlanta, GA.

I've already got my DVR set. Anyone gonna watch this with me?

P.S. I can never give enough props to TS Rogers from Teaessare Illustration & Design for birthing my lovely skull and cross-bacon logo!


  1. I DVR'd one episode because it was airing on was OK. I liked the food talk, but wasn't a huge fan of the host. I wish I had bacon right now.

  2. Well, the footage with my logo wasn't on last week so I'm hoping it will be on this week's episode!

  3. Hey, Metalchick!

    I found your site while scouring the Internet for skulls. I can't believe it! My two favorite things too! You rock. Like Phil Campbell on a bad day...and that's HARD! Thanks for the cool site. I will be back often.