Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bacon Giveaway from BaronBob,.com! is an online store that carries an amazing amount of unique, funny gifts including a large selection of bacon merchandise. Bacon Wallet, Bacon watch, Bacon Soap, Bacon Jelly Beans, Bacon Popcorn, Baconnaise, Bacon vs Tofu Action Figures - whatever you need, they've got it.

Especially fabulous is the Bacon Lovers Gift Basket (29.95)
Bacon Lovers Gift Basket

and the Mr. Bacon BIG ADVENTURE Board Game (CLEARANCE for only $14.95!)

The exciting news is that the very generous folks over at BaronBob have offered to do a "Bacon Care Package" giveaway! The prize may include the Bacon Plush Doll, a jar of Baconnaise, a box of Bacon Popcorn and a tin of Bacon Bandages. All you have to do is "Like" BaronBob on Facebook and leave them a comment about which bacon item you really love and that you heard about the giveaway on SkullsandBacon!

Also, I have to include this because it's just about the most adorable, gross plush I've ever seen.
Bandage & Scab Plush Set ($9.95)
Bandage & Scab Plush Set

Good luck!


  1. i've never seen a cuter scab! :D

  2. Thanks, I gave it a shot. I have a weakness for the Baconnaise.

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  4. Man oh man, I hope you are okay. It has been a long time since your last communication. BaronBob says I am a flake!

    Hope to hear form you soon.