Monday, November 3, 2008

Robert Lee Morris's "Andy Warhol " Skull Jewelry

My good friend Alaina sent me a link to Robert Lee Morris's "Andy Warhol Collection" and these pieces are absolutely fabulous. Available at Bloomingdale's, each piece is inscribed with one of the artist’s famous sayings. While it's a little out of my price range right now, the holidays are coming soon and my wish list just exploded.

Skull Station Sterling Silver Chain Necklace - $600.00

Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet - $495.00

Sterling Silver Skull Pendant Chain Necklace - $250.00

Sterling Silver Skull Ring - $195.00


  1. I must say - it's interesting that a blog exists focusing on bacon and skulls.

  2. Out of sheer laziness, Paul. I just figured keeping one blog updated would be easier than two! =)

  3. Very cool post. I went to Andy Warhol exhibit this weekend. Alas no skulls or bacon :)

  4. Those are very cool! Have you seen this?

    Skull and cross bone ice tray.